Spring Gala

Save the date for the Addenbrooke Classical Academy Spring Gala!

  • Saturday, March 10, 2018
  • Baldoria on the Water

Tickets are now available for the gala. You can purchase tickets until March 1 on the Handbid website. We encourage you to check the Handbid website often, as auction items available the night of the event are added as they are obtained. Classroom creations bidding starts on March 1. You do not have to purchase a ticket to bid on these items. We hope you will join us for this spectacular evening!

We are currently looking for sponsors and donors. Please contact us if you would like to participate!

Gift Baskets

The Houses and Orders are teaming up to make gift baskets that will be auctioned off at the gala. The teams and themes of the baskets are listed below: 

  • Henry - Plato (Beston-Spratte) - Coffee/Tea
  • Paine - Montesqueiu (Brock, Rupp, Bolt, and Schmitz) - Candy
  • Washington - Galileo (Gress-Greenberg) - Camping
  • Franklin - Rousseau (N. Bates-Ziegler) - Chef/Cooking
  • Adams - Pythagoras (Keith-Adamson) - Sports 
  • Jefferson - Socrates/Spartacus (JW, Mayer, and Farris) - Movie
  • Hamilton - Aristotle (Dr. T.-J. Bates) - Baking

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