Mustang Athletics

We’re proud of our Mustangs! The mission of the ACA athletics program is to provide avenues that allow our students to grow in physical strength while prospering academically. Participating in school sports is an excellent way to develop focus, endurance, and friendships. We believe that participation in athletics provides students with balance and a wealth of opportunities and experiences as they develop important life skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship.

Sports Offerings

We are pleased to offer students the opportunity to participate in the following team sports:

  • Boys Varsity Flag Football
  • Boys Varsity & JV Soccer
  • Boys Varsity & JV Basketball
  • Girls Varsity Soccer
  • Girls Varsity & JV Basketball
  • Girls Varsity & JV Volleyball
  • Middle School Boys Flag Football
  • Middle School Boys Basketball
  • Middle School Girls Basketball
  • High School Cross Country

Concussion Information

For information and guidelines regarding concussions, please visit our Concussion Information page.

Athletics Updates

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