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Pony Express Updates

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Picture Day

Picture day is on Tuesday, October 4. Please place your order online, and we will ship all portraits to the school. Dress your best, and be ready to smile!

Safety and Security

Lately, I have been noticing that many parents are getting out of their car in the car line. The car line is specifically for kids to get out on their own, and parents should not leave their car. If your child needs assistance, please walk your child to the crosswalk.

Additionally, there are several students going to the back of the vehicle in the line and taking items out of the trunk. This is also a safety issue as if, for some reason, a car hit the car behind and it lurched forward, it could injure the child. If you need to have your child get items in or out of the trunk, please park. We are all in this together and believe this is for the safety of students.