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Temple Grandin to Be at Celebration of Extraordinary Minds

Addenbrooke Classical Academy (ACA) is pleased to announce that Temple Grandin, renowned author, speaker, and advocate for people living with autism, will be the featured speaker at their 2019 Trivium, an annual fundraising event. The March 22 event, entitled A Celebration of Extraordinary Minds, will raise funds to support the Addenbrooke fine arts program, specifically their continued growth of instrumental and vocal music performance areas to match their students’ passion. We invite you to learn more about the event and about Temple Grandin in this recent press release.

Dr. Francesca Tronchin

Over last summer, Dr. Francesca Tronchin wrote a couple of essays for the website Smarthistory, which is also part of Khan Academy. They are mostly to do with art history, but have relevance to regular history classes. Over winter break, Dr. Tronchin is writing an essay for All these essays are peer-reviewed by other experts in the fields of history, archaeology, and art history.

Dr. Tronchin attended Smith College, where she majored in ancient studies, with minors in archaeology and world religions. She then continued to study classical art and archaeology at Boston University, earning an MA and a PhD. Having worked on archaeological excavations in Israel, Greece, and Italy, Dr. T wrote her doctoral dissertation on a private residence in Pompeii. Her studies will never be over per se, as she continues to research and write about a number of aspects related to history, art, and archaeology. She has published in academic journals on such topics as art forgery, Roman villas, ancient sculpture, and even Elvis Presley's historic Graceland Mansion. Dr. T is also a lecturer for the Archaeological Institute of America as well as the Nerd Nite organization. She has taught at both the university and high school level for more than fifteen years.

Dr. Tronchin teaches classical history, European history, classical mythology, and art history at Addenbrooke. When she is not studying or teaching, Dr. T enjoys running long distances over trails, and writing about herself in the third person.

Lice Information

Did you know that as many as six million to 12 million people worldwide get head lice every year, and cleanliness has nothing to do with who will be targets of the blood-sucking insects.

Head lice are a common problem that typically affects school-aged children and their families. We encourage you to become familiar with the lice information below.

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