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Addenbrooke Classical Academy

Fostering a Culture of Free and Independent Thinkers through Tradition and Innovation

Addenbrooke Classical Academy (ACA) educates students in preschool through twelfth grade. From the seminar to the science lab and from the music room to the playing field, we begin with the conviction that all human beings can know truth, create beauty, and practice goodness. To that end, we expect students to develop basic tools of learning, ordered basic knowledge, moral seriousness, breadth and depth of imagination, artistic ability, and a sense of wonder.

A Community of Learners

Our teachers’ own passion for learning anchors this community. Learning is a lifelong human endeavor, and our faculty is committed to pursuing knowledge for its own sake. To nurture the active involvement of each student, Addenbrooke Classical Academy offers PreschoolElementary and Secondary performance-based programs with distinctive qualities including original text, Socratic seminars, technology-integrated curriculum, and a required music program. Furthermore, our learning community also builds a work ethic and promotes services. Although our program is demanding, ACA welcomes students of ordinary ability as well as the very brightest.

Top 10

  • We’re a tuition-free public charter school.
  • Every student takes music classes in grades K–12.
  • Students in our daily, one-hour high school Humane Letters seminar read original texts in literature, history, and philosophy.
  • Classical and modern languages—3rd through 8th grade students take Latin.
  • We have a warm, engaging culture in which respect, enthusiasm, and integrity are paramount.
  • A dynamic faculty leads this group of learners. Nearly 75% have advanced degrees.
  • We don’t teach to the test.
  • We require students to wear uniforms.
  • Classrooms have iPads to enhance the learning environment.
  • All of our students benefit from a one-hour advisement period/study hall.
3940 S Teller Street, Lakewood, CO 80235

Phone: (303) 989.1336
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