We offer a rigorous, relevant curriculum based on a classical education approach and Socratic teaching methods. We communicate student progress frequently with parents and encourage an environment where our students can become independent thinkers and problem solvers. To learn more, visit our Elementary and Secondary Instructional Philosophy pages.


Elementary students adhere to the following curriculum maps:

Middle School

We offer the following courses for our middle school students:

6th Grade

  • Core Math
  • Core Language Arts
  • Core Social Studies
  • Core Science
  • Physical Education
  • Core Music (Choir or Orchestra)

7th Grade

  • Physical Education
  • Appropriate Math Course
  • Core English 7
  • Core History 7
  • Core Science 7
  • Core Music 7
  • Latin A

8th Grade

  • Physical Education
  • Appropriate Math Level
  • Core English 8
  • Core History 8
  • Core Science 8
  • Core Music 8
  • Latin B

Required Music Program

  • 6th Grade Music Fundamentals (Core)
  • 7–8th Grade Orchestra (Core)
  • 7–8th Grade Choir (Core)
  • Piano Lab (7–8th Elective)
  • Guitar Lab (7–8th Elective)

High School

High school students at Addenbrooke Classical Academy follow a common college preparatory course of study. This includes four years each of Humane Letters (history and literature, including civics and economics in the senior year), Spanish, laboratory science, and mathematics. Students also complete three years of rhetoric and composition and four years of music and physical education. Although our courses do not "teach to test," students receive ample preparation if they choose to take an AP exam. To receive a diploma, a student must maintain a minimum overall grade-point average of C- (1.67) as well as fulfill a minimum attainment level of C- (1.67) in Spanish II, algebra II, American civics, and economics.

9th Grade

  • Humane Letters–The Classical and Biblical World
  • Spanish I
  • Geometry (prerequisite: C- or above in Algebra I)
  • Ancient Literature/Composition I
  • Biology
  • Music Theory/Composition I
  • Physical Education

10th Grade

  • Humane Letters–Medieval and Modern Europe (to A.D. 1900)
  • Spanish I or II (prerequisite for Spanish II: C- or above in previous course)
  • Algebra II (prerequisite: C- or above in Geometry)
  • English Literature/Composition II
  • Chemistry (prerequisite: C- or above in Biology)
  • Music Theory/Composition
  • Physical Education

11th Grade

  • American Studies (History and Literature–A.D. 1620 - present)
  • Spanish III (prerequisite: C- or above in Latin II)
  • Pre-calculus (prerequisite: C- or above in Algebra II)
  • American Literature/Composition III
  • Physics (prerequisite: C- or above in Chemistry)
  • Music (Rotating Labs)
  • Elective

12th Grade

  • American Civics and Economics
  • Rhetoric/Composition IV
  • Spanish IV
  • Calculus (prerequisite: C- or above in Advanced Math)
  • Advanced Biology or Advanced Physics/Astronomy (prerequisite: C- or above in Chemistry) (Not AP) Elective
  • Music
  • Elective

Elective Courses

  • Physical Education
  • Moral and Political Philosophy
  • Studio Art
  • Astronomy and Geology
  • Great Writers Course: Shakespeare (2016-2017)
  • Yearbook

Required Music Courses

  • Music Theory I Lab
  • Composition/Music Theory II/Lab (Music Theory I/Lab is a prerequisite)

Humane Letters

Humane Letters utilizes Socratic Seminar teaching methods to enhance student-centered learning in our history-oriented courses.

Dual Credit Program

Students in tenth through twelfth grades have the opportunity to take concurrent enrollment credit classes at Red Rocks Community College. Each student who wishes to enroll must take the Accuplacer placement test to assess his or her potential to succeed in specified classes as determined by passing certain objectives on each exam. Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from both schools. ACA pays the cost of two classes each semester. Concurrent enrollment courses follow:

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