Instructional Philosophy–Elementary School

We work to make Addenbrooke Classical Academy a magical place for students. At ACA, kids come first! Together, we work to create a community of learners and set high expectations for all. Students and parents have an expectation of excellence at ACA, and we will work to make sure all students reach their full potential and become independent thinkers.

Classical Education

Addenbrooke’s elementary curriculum, the Core Knowledge Sequence, encompasses language arts, mathematics, science, history, geography, fine arts, and physical education. Our curriculum is characterized by knowledge that is context rich, cumulative, content specific, and coherent.


We teach classic literature appropriate to the age and ability of each student. We expose students to high quality reading materials to stimulate their interests and engage their minds.


The 3R’s and then some! We teach the skills of learning—reading, writing, calculating, and speaking—through a combination of curriculum content, modeling, coaching, and sensible practice.

Thinking Framework

More than just the facts! It is not enough to acquire knowledge. The ability to see patterns and analyze facts is necessary in order to influence and improve the world around us. We teach progressive thinking skills unique to each discipline to guide young people in applying discernment to knowledge.