Our Governing Board

The Governing Board of Addenbrooke Classical Academy is a governing body of our community members who take responsibility for governing and supervising the management of school policy, operations, and fiscal matters.

Board Meetings

We welcome parents and community members to attend our meetings. If you have any ideas or issues you would like share, please e-mail us. We’re always happy to address the concerns of our school and community members.

Meet Our Board Members

Rachel Swalley

About Rachel Swalley

Rachel is a wife and the mother to four children ages 10 to 20. She and her husband are campus pastors at Church For All Nations in Littleton, Colorado, where they have served for 10 years. She has been in full-time ministry for 21 years and has a passion for education and being involved her local community.

Chris Kuetemeyer
Vice President

About Chris Kuetemeyer

Chris is a husband and the father of three children, two who attend Addenbrooke's primary campus and one up-and-coming ACA scholar. Chris is an Army veteran and works for FOCUS as a senior director of philanthropy. Chris is passionate about core knowledge and classical curriculum.

Scott Perry

About Scott Perry

Scott holds a bachelor of science degree in management. He works in promotion and sales for MD Circulation based in Denver, Colorado.

Doug Hoffer

About Doug Hoffer

Doug holds a bachelor of science degree in computer integrated manufacturing technology from Purdue University. He works as a proposal leader with a focus on systems and solutions in business-heavy industries. Doug uses his skills as a controls engineer to envision complex processes and develop cost effective control solutions by selecting the optimal control system components to integrate into a complete controls solution. He has over 19 years of experience in creating innovative controls solutions across an array of industries, including mining, food packaging, home-health and beauty, life sciences, and Web handling.

Natalie Adams

About Natalie Adams

Natalie is a wife and the mother of two children attending Addenbrooke Classical Academy. She has a daughter at the primary campus and a son at the secondary campus. Natalie holds a bachelors of science degree in marketing. She is passionate about quality education and was actively involved in education policy during the 2014 legislative session and in the Jeffco School District over the last year.
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