Who We Are

Addenbrooke Classical Academy is a tuition-free, public K–12 charter school located in Lakewood, Colorado. As an educational community, we are deeply committed to providing a quality education for our students and to upholding the responsibility that comes with teaching and learning.

Mission Statement

ACA utilizes an integrated model of tradition and innovation to develop free and independent thinkers through classical instructional strategies.

Core Beliefs and Values

  • We believe that all human beings deserve dignity and respect.
  • We believe in the self-evident truths as found in the Declaration of Independence, “...that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
  • We believe that all students should be educated in a way that equips them to be exemplary citizens.
  • We believe that parents are ultimately responsible for the education of their children. 

    Classical Ideas

    • Trivium—the grammar, logic, and rhetoric developmental stages of learning
    • Lifelong pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness
    • Literature and ideas that have survived the test of time

    Socratic Approach

    • The teacher masterfully guides learning through questioning.
    • The students do the work of learning and perform the act of knowing.
    • Upper level inspirational subjects such as history, literature, and science utilize a seminar approach, particularly in the upper grades.

    Charlotte Mason Philosophies

    • Education is an atmosphere.
    • Education is a discipline.
    • Education is a life.
    • Education is the science of relationships.


    Throughout his or her life, the exemplary citizen seeks to produce fruitful work by…

    Nurturing a spirit, which is:

    • Honorable, compassionate, humble, and full of grace and integrity
    • Courageous to make a stand for what is right
    • Desirous to serve others
    • Growing in virtuous character
    • Grateful
    • “Hungry” for what is true, beautiful, and good
    • Hopeful and optimistic
    • Capable of handling emotional distress
    • Able to give and receive love
    • Able to produce fruitful work

    Continually feeding a mind, which is:

    • Attentive, analytical, and discerning
    • Passionate for life-long learning
    • Growing in its foundation of knowledge
    • Respectful of the rights and responsibilities of his/her citizenship
    • Able to recognize life-giving ideas

    Caring for the physical needs of his or her body through doing the “musts” in one’s life, such as:

    • Good nutrition
    • Regular exercise
    • Other healthy habits