Colorado Shines. Start Early, Start Strong, Quality Early Learning. Program Quality Rating 4.Addenbrooke Classical Academy is an exemplary learning community that supports innovation and is committed to continuous improvement.

ACA is a place where a collaborative community develops curriculum, instructional strategies, and assessment to ensure all students learn through core-knowledge and classical curriculum with a rigorous music program. In design and delivery, the school is an integrated model of tradition and innovation. Addenbrooke Classical Academy exemplifies a school in which the administration, faculty, staff, and parents:

  • Provide a complete educational institution based on proven methods of instruction and challenging content
  • Have high academic and moral expectations for all students
  • Cultivate relationships between parents and teachers to ensure the complete development of the student, including academics, music, and character
  • Prepare students for life after high school using time-tested methods of teaching which focus on knowledge and music, while preparing them for the 21st century using innovative technology as learning tools
  • Instill in its students a life-long love of music, appreciation for beauty, and respect for humanity
  • Engage the involvement of the community in programs to improve the educational opportunities and outcomes for its student population in Lakewood, Colorado


To enroll in our preschool program, visit Enroll Jeffco to submit your enrollment application. First round choice enrollment for the 2024–2025 school year begins on December 5.

Why Choose ACA Preschool?

  • Focus on the Charlotte Mason foundation
    • Habits of attention, obedience, and truthfulness
    • Play centered
    • Read alouds
  • Children’s creativity is cherished
    • Handicrafts, art, music, poetry
  • Core knowledge curriculum
    • Focused on motor, language, and social skills
    • Develop work habits and cognitive development
  • Gently introduce academics as the child is ready
  • High quality instruction delivered by highly trained teaching staff in a low teacher/student ratio setting
  • Every child’s uniqueness is respected and encouraged
  • Child’s safety and health are first priority
  • A learning atmosphere that is safe, warm, fun, interesting, exciting, and challenging
  • Fostering self-esteem and self-confidence, along with independence in each child
  • Active involvement with materials and the environment
  • Children learning by doing, experimenting, and experiencing
  • Opportunities for children to make choices, decisions, and problem solve daily while learning to take responsibility for their choices and actions.
  • Teachers as facilitators to guide and direct daily learning
  • Encouraging a school/home partnership that will involve the family in the child’s educational experience
  • A curriculum that allows children to progress at their own rate of development

Daily Components

A typical day includes the following components:

  • Large group – we group children in the class together for opening group activities, movement games, music, stories, finger plays, songs, and other educational activities.
  • Small group activities – the groups will meet several times a day for a learning activity (literacy, science, math, etc.) based on children’s interest, needs, and units of study
  • Centers – dramatic play, handicrafts, literacy, blocks, science, manipulatives, and art are all part of centers. Through centers, we are working on self-help skills, language, large and fine motor, cognitive development, academic, and social emotional development
  • Outside play – both directed and non-directed

More Information

For more information or questions about our preschool program please contact our preschool director, Amanda Jerome at (303) 989-1336, ext. 141.