Now Enrolling for the 2018-2019 School YearAddenbrooke Classical Academy is an exemplary learning community that supports innovation and is committed to continuous improvement.

ACA is a place where a collaborative community develops curriculum, instructional strategies, and assessment to ensure all students learn through core-knowledge and classical curriculum with a rigorous music program. In design and delivery, the school is an integrated model of tradition and innovation. Addenbrooke Classical Academy exemplifies a school in which the administration, faculty, staff, and parents:

  • Provide a complete educational institution based on proven methods of instruction and challenging content
  • Have high academic and moral expectations for all students
  • Cultivate relationships between parents and teachers to ensure the complete development of the student, including academics, music, and character
  • Prepare students for life after high school using time-tested methods of teaching which focus on knowledge and music, while preparing them for the 21st century using innovative technology as learning tools
  • Instill in its students a life-long love of music, appreciation for beauty, and respect for humanity
  • Engage the involvement of the community in programs to improve the educational opportunities and outcomes for its student population in Lakewood, Colorado

Why Choose ACA Preschool?

  • Focus on the Charlotte Mason foundation
    • Habits of attention, obedience, and truthfulness
    • Play centered
    • Read alouds
  • Children’s creativity is cherished
    • Handicrafts, art, music, poetry
  • Core knowledge curriculum
    • Focused on motor, language, and social skills
    • Develop work habits and cognitive development
  • Gently introduce academics as the child is ready
  • High quality instruction delivered by highly trained teaching staff in a low teacher/student ratio setting
  • Every child’s uniqueness is respected and encouraged
  • Child’s safety and health are first priority
  • A learning atmosphere that is safe, warm, fun, interesting, exciting, and challenging
  • Fostering self-esteem and self-confidence, along with independence in each child
  • Active involvement with materials and the environment
  • Children learning by doing, experimenting, and experiencing
  • Opportunities for children to make choices, decisions, and problem solve daily while learning to take responsibility for their choices and actions.
  • Teachers as facilitators to guide and direct daily learning
  • Encouraging a school/home partnership that will involve the family in the child’s educational experience
  • A curriculum that allows children to progress at their own rate of development

Daily Components

A typical day includes the following components:

  • Large group – we group children in the class together for opening group activities, movement games, music, stories, finger plays, songs, and other educational activities.
  • Small group activities – the groups will meet several times a day for a learning activity (literacy, science, math, etc.) based on children’s interest, needs, and units of study
  • Centers – dramatic play, handicrafts, literacy, blocks, science, manipulatives, and art are all part of centers. Through centers, we are working on self-help skills, language, large and fine motor, cognitive development, academic, and social emotional development
  • Outside play – both directed and non-directed

More Information

For more information or questions about our preschool program please contact our preschool director, Amanda Jerome at (303) 989.1336 ext. 141.

3940 S Teller Street, Lakewood, CO 80235

Phone: (303) 989.1336
Fax: (303) 237.1786